Monday, April 1, 2013

Robotic (Part 7)

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Over the next few days, George calculated plans to escape while maintaining a submissive facade. In three days, they'd run a routine weekly diagnostic. He'd need to break out before then, as his newly found fighting spirit would be discovered in his programming during those tests. Fortunately, the scientists kept him on a very regular routine, allowing George to careful observe and record his environment. Before he put his plan into action, one of the scientists entered his cell at an unscheduled time, leading George into a glass room. It was soon obvious that George was now being trotted out to the general public as a miracle of science. They took pictures of him, and he felt like he was in a glass zoo and that he was some type of animal. He badly wanted to protest, but kept quiet, not wanting to reveal he wasn't nearly as submissive as he appeared. But how would he figure a way out of this new environment before the diagnostic?

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