Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robotic (Part 5)

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Over the months, George had become completely submissive to the lab programmers. They started calling him "Georgina," and he didn't object. He no longer struggled with anyone when they upgraded his systems or perfected his parts. when the scientists explained that Georgina was getting a special visitor, he was excited...or rather SHE was excited (she no longer thought of herself as a "he"). She was going to meet the woman she was modeled after! Georgina's mechanical heart raced! She thought it would be amazing. The woman was fascinated by Georgina. She ran her fingers along the robotic woman's mouth.

But as she did so, thought started sparking in Georgina's mind. She wasn't Georgina; she was George! He was George! It was all coming back to him! He knew who he really was, and he could now fight back against the fake feelings being implanted in him!

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  1. Strange and compelling story,, I can;t wait for the next part!