Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The small plane

Jonah looked around at the various passengers on the small plane. He was on his was to Exchange Island, and he wondered who he was going to swap bodies with. He saw an elderly couple and shuddered at the thought of being old for a week. He figured his best bet was probably the single mom who was traveling with her child. She was just a little older than he would have liked, but she was his pick out of everyone on the plane. As a gay man who also felt trapped in a body that was the wrong gender, he wanted to take this trip just to experience being a woman, if even for a little while. As the plane landed, he braced for the swap.

He was surprised when he found he didn't swap with anyone on the plane, but instead switched with someone on the ground at the beach. he brushed a strand of hair from his face and looked down. This body was simply gorgeous! To make things even better, he was surrounded by four very attractive men fawning attention on him. For Jonah, this was a dream come true!

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