Friday, May 18, 2012

Ruins (Part 3)

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The tour group returned to the resort, where everyone decided it would be a good idea to switch luggage, so they would have clothes that fit their new bodies. The first thing Rob did was dig through the suitcase. He changed into something more modest, but he sighed as he looked at his reflection. For starters, this wasn't just the most modest thing that the woman brought with her--it was the ONLY modest thing she had brought with her. Everything else was so revealing. Plus, even though he wanted to dress like this, it was way too hot to be walking around outside with long sleeves and a turtleneck. With currently no hope of switching back to his own body, he figured he should probably get used to the other clothes in the suitcase.

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  1. intriguing and mysterious story. Wll chosen pics. Intersting that he is being sensible about the clothes. But I think it would be more realistic a story if you told us whose body the poor girl was in and her reaction to him being in hers.

    Thanks for continuing