Monday, March 26, 2012


He never used his real name; he often never went by a name at all. It helped to be anonymous for his work. He was a body swap assassin. His consciousness would be zapped half way across the world into a foreign body, and then he'd receive his assignment. He'd been on four straight missions now; he hadn't been back to his own body in months. After completing his latest, he prepared himself for a fifth. And soon enough, he was in an east Asian country in the body of a prostitute named Mei. The name of his next assignment was shocking: It was his! He couldn't turn it down; it would give up his true identity. But it also meant he couldn't go back. Mei's body would be his new permanent home. He swallowed his pride, and prepared to go after his target.


  1. Might be difficult to keep his mind on the job in a sexy body like that ;) Great stuff!

  2. I really like this one - a clever and unique idea, and well executed too. Nice work!