Monday, December 26, 2011

A night to remember

Gregg had known his buddy, Ted, since they were little. Ted knew every little thing about Gregg; his biggest fears, his most secret desires. When Gregg finally got engaged, obviously he asked Ted to be his Best Man. Ted promised his friend that the Bachelor Party would be one that he would never forget. It started out at Hooters, which made Gregg groan. Did his buddy really know him at all or was he just going through the motions of a typical Bachelor Party? After the meal, Ted pulled Gregg aside, telling him to be prepared for the REAL party to begin. Gregg felt sick for a moment and rushed into the bathroom. After splashing some water on his face, he looked in the mirror and got the biggest shock of his life. He looked exactly like their waitress!

"Pretty impressive, eh?" Ted asked from the door.

Gregg was speechless.

"It's only for the night." Ted continued, "I know you've always been a little more than curious what it felt like to be a woman, just for a little while. Sheila agreed to it for a little cash, and on the condition that she gets to have a true Bachelor Party experience. We were also the last table of her shift, so your free to go do whatever you want. See ya at the wedding, Pal!"

Gregg was amazed. This was totally above and beyond what he ever expected. He pulled out Sheila's phone and took a picture, sending it to himself so he'd always remember. But he had a feeling this would definitely be a night he would never forget.