Thursday, October 25, 2012

Intergalatic police

Submitted by Hikari H.
A dangerous parasitic alien had came to earth and had taken a human host.

In order to catch and find them, the intergalactic police came to Earth; however they couldn't survive on the surface of the Earth nor do they look human. Therefore, they sent one of their agent to Earth by implanting him in a living human.

Alice was on her way to a job interview fully dressed in a suit when suddenly she was warped away as she was about to open the door. She awoke at a nearby factory and noticed a blue glowing cloud of gas floating towards her. Being afraid Alice ran as hard she could but tripped on the stairs of the factory.

The blue gas enveloped her body, seeping into every gap and space in her body through her mouth, eyes, ears and nose. It was unpleasant. It became more so as each of her senses were hijacked until control of her body was gone, and her clothes changed into a strange body tight suit.

Alice then heard a voice in her head saying, 'We are the intergalactic police. Your body has been compromised and used as out first human agent.' Once the voice finished speaking Alice felt an electricity course through her brain as all her knowledge was taken and merged with the new consciousness.

Her body began getting up looking up with a smile and said, "Agent IPH-001, code name 'Alice,' ready on standby." Alice was trapped inside her own body whilst something else controlled it.

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