Thursday, October 4, 2012

A second childhood

William and Margaret had saved up for years for a trip to Exchange Island. The idea of being in the bodies of other people for a week seemed like such a thrill to both of them. They had the idea when they were first dating but ended up getting married and having a child long before they could afford the trip. Not wanting to keep their young son, Tommy, at home, they decided to take him along.

The couple was excited upon getting their new bodies on the island. They both ended up as young children! It was a second childhood, even if only for a week! Tommy, on the other hand, ended up in an adult woman's body. Of course, just because he looked grown up now didn't mean he was actually grown up. He still acted like a child on the beach. Being only children now, William and Margaret had a hard time keeping Tommy under any sort of control.

Perhaps they should have waited just a few more years before visiting!

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