Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Molly and Ethan had found the strange medallion on Friday during lunch before a week long vacation. The two high school seniors immediately researched it on the internet. According to the information they found, it was an item called "The Medallion of Zulu," capable of switching the bodies of two people. They both thought it was a little unbelievable but decided to try it out. Both were shocked when they found themselves in each other's bodies. Molly was worried. Her family was leaving for a trip in the morning, she had to switch back. they did some further research and were relieved to see they'd be able to switch back after 12 hours. They'd sneak out late at night to meet and swap back, and Molly would be set for her family trip in the morning. However, when Ethan arrived at Molly's house in her body that afternoon, he was shocked to find her parents had decided to leave early. Her parents had to practically drag him into the car. They couldn't understand why the person they thought was their daughter was protesting so much. Ethan knew Molly's trip would be ruined, and he'd be stuck in her body for the entire week!

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