Monday, October 22, 2012

Air tight

Twenty years ago, Darryl had been a very depressed man. He wanted a new life. He wished he could be anyone else. At the time he was so down that he had signed a contract stating he would switch bodies with anyone willing. Since then his life turned around. He got a good job, a fantastic wife, and two kids. He hadn't been disappointed in his life for a while and had forgotten all about the contract until it's provisions clicked in. He had been in the office when it happened. He nearly panicked when he found himself in the body of a young woman. Darryl was confused at first, but eventually remembered the contract. He called up the company he signed with. They explained the woman he now was had been quite envious of successful men and had also signed a contract to switch bodies with any such men who were willing. He had them fax over his original contract. As he read it over, he knew it was air tight. There was little he could do.

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