Friday, November 9, 2012


James and Lizzie had the best idea for what to do for the upcoming costume party this weekend: Go as each other! It featured a contest where the last person properly identified would win a big prize. Thanks to a costume gun that James had obtained, it would all be possible. A bit of programming time and they were ready, James was zapped with it as a second skin formed around his own, turning him into an exact copy of Lizzie. Lizzie soon did the same and now looked like James. A small, nearly invisible zipper was under their armpits, which would undo the entire costume. Throughout the night, James and Lizzie both knew no one would know who they REALLY were. As the contest ended, James was ready to prove who he really was and tred tugging at the zipper, but it was stuck! He heard a rip and he could no longer find the zipper! He couldn't undo this!

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  1. It was such a good one! So what happens to Lizzie then?