Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bunny bun fun

Submitted by Hikari
Leila or rather Leila body which had been stolen and possess by Franky who was her supposed best friend, neighbor, classmate and boy friend was playing about with her body in her or his underwear wearing a pair of bunny ears and thigh high socks taking picture whilst he explored his new body.

It all began when Franky found his deceased grandmothers dark magic books and spells on the dark arts and with nothing else to do he took a look at it and learnt some stuff from it. One of the spells attracted him to try and experiment with it which involves using voodoo dolls to switch to people's body.

Franky first spiked Leila's drink causing her to feel drowsy and lay down on the sofa to rest, he then took a strand of hair from her head and a drop of blood from her finger onto the doll which then turn to look like a naked doll version of her in his hand. He did the same to a second voodoo doll to make it into himself and heated up two needles with a thread attached. He then pierce the back of the voodoo and felt a sharp pain, he notice Leila body tense up and arch her back and as he pulled Leila needle and thread through her voodoo a pink gas/liquid flowed out of her mouth and as he pulled the needle and thread towards his doll and completely through it the pink gas/liquid had entered his body leaving Leila body limp and empty. he then repeated the process and this time transferred a blue gas/liquid into her empty body.

since awakening in his new body and getting adjusted to it, Leila (Franky) was stripping off her clothes and exploring her body and even locked herself in the bathroom in nothing but thigh high socks, bunny ears and underwear taking pictures whilst Franky (Leila) was banging on the door outside asking 'What are you doing in there!? Give it back! I want my body back Franky!' Leila (Franky) was giggling and shouting in a loud voice saying 'Nothing sweety, I'm only having some fun with my body maybe we can take this to the bedroom where this bunny can give you the time of your life! So do you want some bunny bun fun?'

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