Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Panty raid

Joining a fraternity was a thrilling rush for Nathan, but the one moment he was truly waiting for was finally here: the panty raid! While most of his frat brothers took joy in raiding the sorority house for the sole pleasure of getting their hands on women's undergarments, Nathan's plan was far more devious. He had found the medallion stored away in his room a while ago, but he had never tested it or told a soul about it. Rumors on the Internet swirled about what it could. His heart beat as he held it in one hand. He knew little about which girl's panties he now had in the other hand, but if those rumors had been true, he was sure to find out shortly. Sure enough, his body started changing. He became one of the women from the sorority. His clothes were now baggy and awkward fitting, and so he began to work on the next part of his plan.

He walked back to the sorority house, telling the guard he had forgotten his keys and wallet inside. He was recognized as one of the girls of the house and was let right in. The entire house was at class, so Nathan took pleasure in trying on all sorts of cute outfits. He wasn't sure whose clothes were whose, he was just looking for things that fit. He tried on fancy dresses, casual jeans, and even cute shorts and t-shirts to sleep in. He spent time posing in the mirror, but he knew he couldn't waste too long. He packed it all up and got out of there. The other guys may have gotten panties, but Nathan got so much more!

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