Thursday, November 29, 2012

Malfunction (Part 2)

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The company let most of the staff go home early for the day while a few key people stayed to work on repairs. Jim decided to meet up with Jacequlyn to discuss their situation, as was recommended by Human Resources. The two went to Jim's house to discuss what they would do. Jim grabbed a beer and slumped down on the bed. Jacequlyn continued to work on the knitting that she had done on the subway over. It was weird seeing his own body act in a feminine way, but he guessed that it was probably weird for Jacequlyn to see her own body act masculine. For now, Jacequlyn would grab some clothes to borrow from Jim's closet, and Jim would stop by Jacequlyn's tomorrow to get some from her. They both knew they could get through this, but Jim saw one problem. His daughter would be arriving home from school soon, how would he explain this to her?

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