Friday, November 16, 2012


Submitted by Hikari.
Benjamin was a very rich, famous and powerful old man who unfortunately had no heir to succeed him once he passed away. He became worried about what will happen to everything he has owned and built in his long years of life, and thus he adopted a young girl by the name of Amy, who worked as a maid since a very young age, as his daughter/grand daughter who he gave love, care, shelter, and education to.

Nearing the end of his life he had prepared a will and decided to leave everything to Amy who became troubled and hurt at the thought of losing Benjamin, who was a caring and loving parent figure in her sad lonely life. Once she had signed the will to accept everything Benjamin owned once he dies.

Later that night Benjamin had called Amy into his room and thanked her for caring for him and accepting his will, and that his final plans were in place. Amy who was confused walked towards the centre of the room before the lights begun flickering, and her body lost strength collapsing on the floor as she blacks out.

Amy then slowly open her eyes panting heavily and feeling her body hurting all over and saw in the centre of her room, her former body laying there. Benjamin slowly gets up in his young virtuous body before energetically announce that his or her plan was to raise Amy as the next host, have her body inherit everything, and then transfer his soul into his next body to live out the rest of Amy's lifespan until he finds a new host for his next body.

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