Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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Chief Hinto had little hope for the future of his tribe. Many had been killed by the rapid expansion of European settlers. He feared all memories, legends, and knowledge of his people would be wiped out within days. He had only one hope to preserve as much as he could. Using an ancient ritual passed down from prior generations, he would send his soul into the future. He had many doubts about the possibility of success but as he spoke his words, his surroundings changed into things he could only imagine. Building materials had certainly advanced, and he had no clue how to describe the strange glowing box with moving pictures on it. He was a little shocked that his mind was placed inside of a female! He could feel her bratty, spoiled soul clawing to try and get out, but his stronger soul currently prevailed. Then he noticed a headdress on his head, and he wondered for a moment if his culture hadn't been devastated, but pulling a piece of knowledge from this woman's brain, he found that she wore it not out of respect, but because she thought it was "trendy" and "cool" to do so. He knew he had a lot of work to do to preserve his culture!

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