Thursday, September 19, 2013


After an exhausting week at work, David spent most of Saturday sleeping on his hammock in the backyard. At about 3 o'clock, he heard a nagging voice.

It whined, "Daaaaad!"

David assumed it was his daughter as it had her intonations, but the voice had seemed much too deep. He reluctantly flipped around and opened his eyes to see his own body standing there. He looked down to confirm what he now already suspected. He had swapped bodies with his daughter!

Or was this a dream? Maybe he was having a nightmare. That would be the cliché, right? He tried to think back if he had yelled at her for staying out late or dressing provocatively. If she had shot back that she was now eighteen and that he couldn't tell him what to do anymore. He couldn't remember a single incident like that. He got along great with his daughter.

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