Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday morning (Part 2)

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In light of the recent body swapping, Ed insisted on sending Gus and Rebecca home for the day. Rebecca was far too dedicated and tried to insist on staying, but after they heard reports on the radio about how widespread the event was, they all decided there probably wouldn't be anyone buying houses today. In fact, they were all a little worried that they might not be selling any houses for quite a while. Ed tried his best to comfort Gus and Rebecca. He told them he'd still be paying them a base salary, enough to get them through any downturn. They left still a little worried, but reassured by Ed's promises. Ed stuck around in the office a little while longer. He was happy to be all alone with his fabulous new body. While he certainly couldn't wait to take advantage of having this new body while trying to sell houses, for now he'd just be taking advantage of having this body.

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