Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Out of phase

When astronomers discovered the object, there was panic. It appeared to be a minute black hole in the sky that was capable of moving, and it appeared to be moving at a rapid rate in the direction of Earth! As time passed, and the trajectory was more closely pinpointed, they downgraded the panic to "near miss." Still, even with the possibility of the object passing a few light years away from the solar system, scientists warned there could be some strange consequences on our planet.

And strange things did happen when the object was at its closest.

Jim was walking outside when he suddenly saw what appeared to be his own body walking ahead of his. There was another copy of him a few feet back as well. Soon enough there were thousands of him walking in a line, and he felt like he occupied each of those bodies at the same time. Then the bodies changed, it was thousands of different people, and he once again occupied them all simultaneously. Just as he thought his mind could no longer handle it, the number of bodies condensed back to three -- but not three of his body. They were three copies of one of the other people on the line, a young blond woman in a leather jacket.

He still felt in control of all three bodies. The only difference was timing. One would do an action first, followed by another a little later, and the third would then repeat the action at an equal interval. It was confusing to wrap his minds around. He was longer concerned about getting back to his own male body; now, he was just concerned to getting back to a singular body!

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