Friday, September 6, 2013


Just a few hours ago, Andy had slipped a small microchip into one of Danielle's favorite hats, which so ironically read "OBEY" across the front. He waited by a large machine back at his house until a light indicated she was wearing the hat. Then he strapped himself in, and soon his consciousness was wirelessly transmitted across town. He was now in complete control of Danielle's body. He couldn't believe how sexy she was -- how sexy he was until he took off the hat. That was, of course, the one limitation. Once he took off the hat, his joyride in Danielle's body would be over. He began to postulate alternate places for the microchip. Maybe in a barrette or a necklace. Or perhaps somehow attached to her glasses. If he developed such a device while still wearing the hat, he might never have to leave Danielle's body. He couldn't be truly sexy wearing a baseball cap, right? He needed to work this out now!

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