Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Everyone at the laundromat was puzzled when a fairly attractive woman wearing a sheer skirt and high heels walked in, opened a dryer, and attempted to fit inside. The woman seemed puzzled by the mere fact that she didn't fit inside. Of course, an hour ago, she hadn't been a woman. She had been a man named Jack. He was just minding his business when a strange portal appeared. Out of curiosity, he entered. The portal led to this dryer in this laundromat in this alternate universe. As soon as Jack entered the portal as himself in his own universe, he exited the portal as this woman in this one. He had walked around outside for a little while before deciding he wanted to get back. What he didn't realize was the portal never stayed in one spot for very long, and it had moved on from the laundromat a while ago. Unless he could find it again, he'd be stuck in this new body and in this new universe.

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