Friday, August 30, 2013

Not amused (Part 3)

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After screaming with the ride operators and amusement park staff some more, Joshua took a bit of information from the woman he swapped bodies with, whose name was Nadine Kim. They agreed to meet the next morning for coffee to discuss what to do next. Spending the night in a woman's body was a strange experience. Joshua found it hard to sleep. The next morning was worse. He felt awkward seeing Nadine's naked body while showering, and he struggled to put on a bra. He arrived a little late to the coffee shop where Nadine was already researching on the computer.

"The amusement park has never lost a lawsuit." She told him.

Joshua grumbled.

"It's not all bad news." She continued, "There are a slew of sites dedicated to body swapping. I've read a few things from people who claim to have swapped bodies after reading stories on this one site, Great Shift Captions, and another that even offers magic spells to switch with someone. I mean, we both probably would've laughed at this stuff before as being bogus, but now that we both know body swapping is totally real, don't we have to at least try as much as we can to switch back?"

"I'm just hoping we CAN switch back! I'm not sure how many days I can stand getting ready in a woman's body."

"Well, if we don't, you're going to have to get used to it."

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