Friday, August 9, 2013

A pass (Part 3)

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The summer came to a close, and Jose was ready to return. He hoped enough time had passed. If it hadn't, he was sure he'd hear from Emily very soon. Instead, one of Emily's friends saw him. She seemed releaved. No one had heard from the real Emily for a month, so seeing what she thought was the real Emily was a joyous moment. Jose knew exactly what happened. He had seen some of the finer details of the spell. If he stayed in a copy of Emily's body, Emily would slowly turn into a copy of him. It would affect her mind as well; she'd start to think she really was him. At times, he wanted to tell Emily's friends his secret; he felt so close to them now. But he always held his mouth. He couldn't reveal that secret. Ever.

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  1. Wickedly funny. Great story thanks for continuing it. Poor Emily - I guess maybe being a smart guy will be better for her? ANyway I hope the new Emily can do cheers & finds guys cute! LOL! Anywy clever story. Thanks