Friday, August 16, 2013

Not amused (Part 1)

Joshua was intrigued by one ride at the amusement park. He hadn't heard much about it, but the line was quite long. He was sure that with a line like that, "The Switcher" must be a great ride. It took several hours for him to get to the front. The cars of the ride only had two seats, and he ended up sharing his with an Asian woman wearing a puffy pink coat. After being strapped in and even given helmets and goggles, the two were off in their car. It felt like one of the most intense roller coasters ever. Joshua even found himself screaming. The car began to whip around at very intense speeds and in such a way that Joshua found that his soul was literally thrown from his own body. When the ride finally settled down a little, his soul ended up settling inside the body of the Asian woman he shared the car with. "The Switcher" had swapped the bodies of him and the woman. He screamed again, but this time for very different reasons.

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