Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tolerance Week

It was the week many of the students dreaded: Tolerance Week. A brain swapper would be brought into the school, and for a week each student would be stuck in the body of another. Todd groaned when he found out who he would be swapping with, his sister Grace. Grace chuckled when she was picked to be swapped with her brother. She thought it wouldn't be so bad to be the older one for a change, to be a man! However, by nighttime, the situation had completely changed. Grace longed to be herself again. Todd's body may have been physically fit for football, but she felt awkward and clumsy with his frame. However, Todd was almost giddy with his preppy sister's body. He ravaged through her clothes, trying on just about everything she owned. When she entered her once neat room, she was astonished by the mess he had made. He claimed he was just making things in her room feel more like home for the week. She cried.

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