Thursday, August 23, 2012


Michael had been training for sprinting in the Olympics since before he could remember. A twisted ankle with the games a week away meant he would be unable to compete. He begged and wished for a miracle to allow him to compete. An old man heard his pleas and came up him.

"Would you give up anything to compete in the games?" The old man asked.

"Yes, anything!" Michael replied.

"What if it meant competing in a different sport besides sprinting?"

Michael seemed a little puzzled. He didn't do any other sport nearly well enough, but he didn't care, "I said ANYTHING!"

"Very well."

The old man disappeared in a puff of smoke, and Michael coughed. As the smoke cleared, he noticed that his ankle no longer hurt. But that wasn't all. His whole body had changed. He had become muscular in totally different ways. When he looked in the mirror, he got his biggest shock. He had a new face. He recognized it. She was one of the competitors in the synchronized swimming event. He panicked for a moment. How would he ever compete in THAT!? He didn't know anything about it, but as he explored the depths of his mind, he realized all of the knowledge was there!

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