Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taking so long

TG Captions bodyswap boyfriend girlfriend magic
Seth fidgeted by twiddling his fingers. He was nervous. His girlfriend was supposed to call 15 minutes ago. He looked down at his phone to make sure there were no missed called. It made him uncomfortable to do so, as he couldn't help but get an eyefull when he did so. There was no way he could miss the two giant breasts now hanging from his chest. But that's why he was waiting, and that's why he was so nervous. When his girlfriend had cast a magic spell that accidentally swapped their bodies, she insisted she could fix it. She just needed to run home to get the reversal spell. She was supposed to call when she got home and found it. She didn't live far. She should've been home 15 minutes ago. What was taking so long?

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