Friday, August 31, 2012


Alex had noticed his friend Jessica had seemed a bit down lately. He tried to get her to tell him why, but she kept it to herself. However, Alex had a plan that would hopefully either cheer her up, or at least get her to spill what was wrong! Jessica didn't feel like putting on her bikini and going to the beach, but Alex managed to talk her into it. They drove much longer and further than she expected to get to a beach she had never been to before. She laid down in the low tide when she saw something strange. It looked like a ghost leaving one person's body and entering another. She didn't know what it was...until it happened to her!

One minute she was in her own body and the next she was in Alex's! Soon she discovered that Alex was now in her body as well. And he was flirting with guys! It was so weird to see her body from the outside like that. She was furious at him, but she realized that she was no longer depressed. She went over to confront him, and things got REALLY weird. He started hitting on her...

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