Monday, April 16, 2012

Would they?

Both Kirk and Trisha did their best to smile. They had miscalculated the Medallon of Zulu's twelve hour window and were forced to go out before it was up. It would be another two hours before they could switch back to their own bodies. Neither wanted to let anyone know the sorts of things they had been experimenting with. Each of them had been so curious about life on the other side of the gender fence, but even that curiosity could kill their respective images. Kirk was a manly football player with major endorsements; what would people think if they knew he wanted to feel what it was like to be a sort, beautiful woman? Trisha was a fashion icon; the idea of her going out in drab men's clothing would've killed her career. Though it's not like anyone would believe a crazy thing like bodyswapping anyway, would they?

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