Thursday, April 26, 2012


When the Great Shift initially hit, Brian was excited. His firs look in the mirror, he was excited. His lifelong dream had come true! He was a woman! Sure, his breasts were small, but it was a minor concern. But then he noticed some pills on the counter. They were hormones. It was the small things he noticed first. His shoulders were just a little too broad, his jaw a little too square. He sat on the couch before he went to explore between his legs. It was still there! He was still a man! The Great Shift had given him a possibility to fulfill his dream so close, but that's it, just close. It wouldn't be too hard to take this lead from this body though. To have the surgery and become a full woman. He'd imagine because of many with shifted genders as a result of the Shift, they might not even ask any questions.

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