Friday, April 20, 2012

Secret surprise

Todd had known Marie since elementary school. When she started getting into video games in high school, he thought it was pretty cool, but when she started getting into anime, cosplay, and D&D in college, he realized he was friends with a nerd. The worst part was that despite her interests, she was still pretty hot, and Todd had to confess to himself that he was interested in getting into her pants. One night when she called him to meet for secret, surprise reasons, he had hoped it was going to happen. He had mixed feelings about how she was dressed. On one hand, she was dressed up like a dorky anime character; on the other, she still looked damn fine. As he approached, before she even spoke a word, Marie shot a light in Todd's direction. He found himself where she had been standing, wearing her clothes, and in her body! Marie in Todd's body had quickly run off. This was not the kind of secret surprise he had hoped for!

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