Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reunited (Part 2)

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The couple returned home shortly after The Shift. Proving who they really were was a lengthy legal process, especially considering they were in the bodies of foreigners and, despite being legally married, were now for all intents and purposes a lesbian couple. As difficult as the paperwork was, Matt journey adjusting to womanhood was even more difficult. Jenny taught him how to do makeup, how to style his hair, and often helped him pick out cute clothes like dresses and leggings. She even explained the more intimate things like his period. It was a difficult adjustment and Matt had his hesitations. He often just wanted to give it up and dress masculine. Jenny wouldn't hear of it. She told him she had spent years looking good for him -- and she continued to do so -- if she could do it for him, he could do it for her. He agreed, and soon enough he had adjusted perfectly.

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