Monday, June 3, 2013


When his younger sister first starting getting into Japanese culture, Bill thought it was sort of cute. He got concerned as she became more and more obsessed. But things took a very strange turn after she ordered a strange device from a Japanese website. It was a ray gun that could pretty much transform anybody into anything. The first thing she did was transform her entire family into Japanese girls around her age, including Bill, their parents, their brother, and even the family dog. And if that wasn't strange enough, after about a week of that things got worse. He was shocked to wake up one morning and found his body unable to move except for his head. His sister had shrunk him down and his body from the neck down had been swapped with one of her dolls. The same was true for his entire family. He wondered if she was just tired of everyone complaining about the transformation. Luckily, he could still turn his head. He saw one doll left with its original head. He couldn't help but wonder what his sister's plans were for the final doll.

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