Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The local teenagers would often overhear their parents talking about an old town in the area. According to what they heard, a large radiation leak had caused the entire town to become abandoned. The highway had been diverted, barriers were erected, and no one had been back since. The high schoolers often said they were going to seek this town out, convinced that the radiation couldn't be that bad. But it was one high school senior, James McCoy, who actually was the only one brave enough to make it to this town. On approach to the barricade, he felt strange. By the time he actually got there, he nearly fell down due to the changes to his body. Two large breasts had developed on his chest, causing him to lose his balance. His penis sucked into his body, replaced by a vagina. Even his clothes changed to match his new feminine form. If this was what happened to him on approach to the town, he didn't want to even think about what the radiation would do to him once inside.

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