Thursday, June 6, 2013


When Sarah started talking about a new video game she had started playing, Ben was a little confused. She had never taken an interest in gaming before, and now she was fawning. Still, he couldn't pass up the chance to do some gaming with her, so he asked if he could play too. She sat down at the computer and placed some headphones on her head, and then she placed another set on Ben. A few minutes into playing, the screen flashed. Ben suddenly realized he had swapped bodies with Sarah. He screamed in shock. Sarah told him to calm down; this was the best part of the game. He started asking questions about how and when they could swap back. She told him that they could at any time they wanted, except they both needed to agree, and she wasn't done playing yet!


  1. Ben my arse, thats pewdiepie!

  2. Woo! Thanks for using my pic. ^w^

    Kind of a coincidence, but my name is also Ben, so lol. XD