Monday, September 10, 2012


When he was young, Kevin became fascinated with the idea of witches. His parents told him they were a myth, but as he grew older he became convinced they were real. He did much research on the legends surrounding the magical beings, and one day he noticed a woman who he was sure was a witch. It was time for him to put his plan into action. He simply walked up to her and insulted her. He told her she was ugly, and that he'd rather be dead than be her.

The woman was instantly offended, of course, but Kevin just kept insulting. Kevin smirked as he saw her eyes glow red. He knew what punishment she was going to dish out, and in the next minute, Kevin's smile grew wider. The witch had swapped bodies with him.

The woman now inside Kevin's body looked confused, why did he look so happy? Didn't he understand this was a punishment?

Kevin simply laughed. He knew a way to push a witch's buttons. It was all a ruse, a trick to get her to switch bodies with him. After all, a witch's magic was linked to her body, not her soul, which meant that she had not only switched bodies with Kevin, but she had accidentally given him all her powers as well.

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  1. ;P; Clever story & greatselection of puc. he wasn't too bright wasshe?