Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ancient curse

Submitted by Hikari
A long time ago, there lived an ancient pharaoh who was nearing the end of his mortal life, fearing that there will be no second chance or reincarnation in life he had all his high priest cast a spell that binds his soul to his mummified body until a chance arises and he can be reborn into the living world and rule once more.

The pharaoh was out on display in a museum in the present day where many tourist are told that an ancient curse has been place on the casket the mummy was found in, it was said that anybody who stands in the other casket with the same pose as the Pharaoh will have their life sucked out of them although it was said to be a joke, many fear what would happen and didn't dare pose next to it.

Cherry took on the dare she and her friends had made and stood in the casket and posed like the mummy and shouted argh! And then laughed when she scared her friends when suddenly her body froze and she felt an invisible force draining/sucking her out of her body and into the corpse of the pharaoh whilst something else was filling up her body whilst she left it.

Her soul watched on whilst trapped in the corpse of the pharaoh as her body looked back with a slight triumph grin and said 'At last, I have returned with a new body and life' and then it disappeared with her body, friends and life.

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  1. Lucky pharoah!! And great use of pic. I bet he'll like being a young Western woman ;)