Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stolen Doll

Submitted by Hikari
Lily has spent the majority of her life raising her own body into a Barbie doll, but one day all her efforts went to waste when a old crazy fat man who has been stalking her jumped out of no where and shouted 'CHANGE NOW!!!' and her body froze as her soul was forced out her body pouring out her mouth and traveling into the fat mans mouth as did his.

Once the switch was done lily was horrified at the sight of her delicate body standing in front of her happily cheering about how they finally got their hands on such a cute doll as they stroke and rub every part of her former body and then telling her 'sorry Barbie but I'm keeping this doll and don't worry I will treat it nicely and play a bit of dress up and maybe have some fun with guys toying with this new doll of mines'

Lily was then pushed aside as her body walked away still speechless of the events that has just happened.

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