Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What happens in Vegas...

Chuck tried not to think about how much he had just lost in Vegas. He had not only lost every thing he had, the casino extended him a line of credit that he wasted away as well. Now it was time for the casino to collect. Fortunately, the casino was open to figuring something out with Chuck so that he could pay them back. He'd be working until his debt was paid off. Unfortunately, he had no idea he'd be working from inside one of the people already employed by the hotel. When he found himself inside the body of a busty waitress serving drinks, he was shocked! He did some quick calculations in his head based off a waitress's salary. He'd be stuck here for the next ten years! Good tips might be able to shave off some of that time. He looked down at his body, realizing it might be good for his situation after all!

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