Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Maid's body (Part 1)

Submitted by Hikari H.
Kim and Irene had always wanted to start a maid cafe or maid service together; however, they had a problem. While Kim had the looks and a body that would appeal to men, she wanted to work as the manager. At the same time, Irene, who was average and plain, wanted to serve others.

The pair came up with the idea of hiring girls and then transferring their souls into their bodies, so that they can perform services with their hired girls.

However, as the business was new and it was just the pair of them Kim had to sacrifice her body for Irene to use in order to promote business.

The deal was that Irene can do anything she wanted with Kim body as long as it did not involved any sexual intercourses. After immediately agreeing Irene rushed to to dress Kim's body after they had switched bodies. She was already posing in her body at the customers coming into the cafe.

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  1. Can part II be a man in that awesome body :D