Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pushing hard (Part 3)

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The next few weeks were an intense whirlwind for Julian as he adjusted to being in Veronica's body. There just seemed to be a lot of little things he had to learn about stuff like tampons and makeup. Still, he adjusted fairly well and became quite happy with his new life. He started dating Veronica, who was now in his body. It was weird at first, but it also seemed so right. He continued to work out at the gym, though he didn't feel the need to push himself nearly so hard these days. It was on one of these visits that he was approached by a strange man in a suit who offered to swap Julian back into his own body. It was an experimental procedure, but he was confident it would work. Julian was shocked at first. His heart raced thinking about returning to his own body, but his excitement soon faded as he looked at the man and declined his offer.

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