Thursday, April 18, 2013

Snap him out of it

Kelly had been dating her boyfriend for about two years. In recent weeks, he had grown distant and unappreciative of her. She took drastic measures. She wanted him to understand her better, and so she hypnotized him so that he thought he was her. It started out as a few minutes at a time, then a few hours. And it seemed to be working. Even when he wasn't in a trance, he treated her better and was more attentive to her needs. However, one day after putting him under, she couldn't get him out of his hypnotized state. He awoke still thinking he was Kelly. He immediately stripped out of his jeans and sneakers and changed into one of her dresses and a pair of heels. As time passed, he no longer shaved his face, simply out of the belief that he thought he didn't need to. Kelly needed to figure out a way to snap him out of this!

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