Thursday, April 4, 2013

Asbestos removal

Malcolm had been contracted to remove the asbestos from a store in the mall outside his hometown in a quiet Wisconsin suburb. He considered it odd that this one store still had asbestos, as he removed such hazardous material in a massive job from the rest of the mall over a decade ago. As he went about his task, he felt a tingle. Over the course of several days, he had lost more weight on the job than he ever remembered. By the time he was finished, he was wearing his wife's dresses to the job as his own clothes no longer fit. It didn't dawn on him until a few days after the job was over that he had been transformed into a woman! He was confused that it took him this long to notice, but checking between his legs and the truth was obvious. He wasn't sure what he had been removing from that store, but he was pretty sure now that it wasn't asbestos! He considered getting a lawyer and suing, but when he returned to the mall, he couldn't even find the store. He asked the manager, and they told him no one had ever even heard of some place called "Spells R Us."

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