Friday, June 29, 2012

Like swimming (Part 1)

"I don't get it!" Joey asked the swimming instructor, "Why is Mommy having such a difficult time swimming in my body?"

"The Great Shift was a very strange phenomenon," The swimming instructor explained, "While we are all still who we are, we also have to deal with the limitations or advantages to our new bodies. Your mom is not used to your young body. She also may be struggling with her adult thoughts in an undeveloped mind."

"But I'm in Mommy's body now. It's unfamiliar to me, but I can do so many things I've never done before!"

"Yes, you've gained many advantages to her grown up body and mind. For instance, you may notice that you aren't talking like a child anymore. You can easily pronounce words correctly and have fully control over your movements. A lot of scientists have noticed this about many people falling into their new bodies now that a year has passed since the Shift. Exercises like swimming keep our bodies flexible!"

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