Wednesday, June 20, 2012


After Christian got dumped by his girlfriend, three of his friends decided to take him to an amusement park to cheer him up. All day long, Mac, Dennis, and Chase were checking out babes, but Christian wasn't interested. He still missed his ex. That is, until he saw her. She was tall and blonde. He didn't know quite what it was about her, but he had an instant crush. He decided to talk to her. As he walked over, he tripped, spilling the soda he had on a goth girl. She looked at him with fire in her eyes. He blacked out for a moment, and the next thing he realized he had swapped bodies with the blonde woman he had been checking out! He soon realized that he wasn't the only one! His friends had all swapped bodies with girls they had been checking out earlier that day. Chase had swapped with a girl with long brown hair and a blue plaid dress. Dennis had swapped with a black girl in a floral dress. And Mac swapped with a girl with a white top and colorful skirt. At first, they were all freaking out. However, by the end of the day, the second half of the goth girl's spell took effect and the four boys all began to get comfortable and actually enjoy their bodies. Their parents would think they've always had daughters. Only a nagging feeling would remain in the four boys' minds.

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  1. Its great! Thanks for making it!