Thursday, February 9, 2012

A night to remember (Part 7)

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As the day continued on, Gregg became quite concerned that he hadn't switched back to his own body. His wedding was in a few days, after all! He needed to find Ted; he needed to ask what the hell was going on here! He threw on one of Sheila's dresses and made his way to Ted's work. He found him in the parking lot.

Gregg tried his best to hide his anger with a smile. Ted seemed shocked when Gregg spoke. He said the person inside Gregg's body acted like he was back to normal this morning. Either Sheila was still inside Gregg's body and she was lying, or there were now essentially two copies of Gregg out there, one inside his rightful body and one inside of Sheila's body!

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  1. WOW it looks like she is trying to steal his body & life!