Friday, February 24, 2012


Ever since moving into his freshman dorm room, Tyler had moaned about how uptight the school was for segregating the men and women into different buildings. The two genders weren't even allowed in the other's buildings! He thought such rules were so archaic and old fashioned. One night, he slipped into the women's doom just to be defiant. He suddenly felt strange. He felt compelled to enter a room. He was sure it would be locked, but the door opened right up. Though empty at first, things started appearing. They seemed familiar. It wasn't long before he realized that they were HIS things, but they each had a rather girlie twist. Before long, all of his belongings were in the room. Then the changes to his body started. Within a few minutes, he was transformed into a female version of himself. He couldn't fight it; he didn't even feel like he wanted too. He was female now; this was his dorm room, and he was a good girl. He had no desire to sneak back over to the men's dorm.

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