Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Submitted by Kingler

Every Friday night, Sarah would babysit her little brother Kevin while their parents were out. Things would get a little boring for the both of siblings as they waited for their parents to come home.

Then one night, Kevin had thought to test out the "Body Swapping" remote with Sarah. A bright flash encircled the two and almost instantly the two siblings felt a change. Kevin saw his sisters dress as he looked down at his feet and Sarah jumped up in joy over the fact that she has the ability to pee standing. They soon agreed that every Friday night, they'll switch bodies to make the nights seem a little more interesting as Little Brother babysits Big Sister.

But soon, their parents discover their little remote
To Be Continued.......


  1. Very nice, I bet he enjoys being in her grown up body more than she likes being in his, lol.

  2. Makes me wonder what will happen you should make this a fun series

  3. Gunny & charming. Good use of pic