Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family Vacation

"Alright, kids, give me a big thumbs up and smile!" Jack told his kids, Samantha and Bryan, as he took a picture with his new digital camera on the first day of their family vacation.


Jack was admiring the crisp photo on the back of the camera when his children started screaming, yelling about being in the wrong bodies. Jack was skeptical and thought his kids must be playing some sort of prank on him. Samantha (in Bryan's body) blamed the new camera, snatched it from her father's hands, and took a photo.

Jack was shocked to find himself in the body of his wife, Sharon.

The family started to fight and flashes went off causing more swaps until the camera smashed on the nearby rocks. Jack's mouth dropped. He was now stuck in his daughter's body. She was in Bryan's body. Bryan was in his mom's body. And Sharon was in Jack's body.


  1. Great caption and use of picture :)

  2. This would make a good series, imho

  3. This caption is the best!Please make a part 2!