Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eating for two

Darren thought it was an odd request. In fact, it thought it was downright unrealistic. But his best friend's wife had begged him to swap bodies with her after pulling him aside at a party, just for a few days. She was late in her pregnancy and claimed she just needed a short break. If he thought it was possible, he probably would've asked more questions like why him or how she was able to do it. Instead, he agreed hastily and soon found himself quite confused. He was in her body and could feel the baby kicking from inside. She told him not to say a word about the swap to her husband--he'd be leaving for a business trip later that night anyway, and they could swap back before his return--Darren doubted anyone would believe him anyway. The two returned to the party, and Darren soon found it difficult to stand on his feet with the added weight now inside. He grabbed some food and was quite shocked at how much he ate--and how much more he wanted! Then again, he was eating for two now! He could easily see why she wanted a break; he was only in her body for a few minutes and wanted out!